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We are a team of energetic go getters and are well networked with most of the suppliers, vendors, venues, artist and entertainers. Task us for anything from getting comparative quotes,  project management, event management, marketing activation, product launches, seminars, conferences, exhibitions.

We at Ktner are keen and committed to achieve the best delivery for your project.

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Event Staff

Ushers / Promoters

Project Managers 

Permanent Staff

Part time crew 

Invitation & Registration


Activity Management


Team meetings 


Expo Management

Registration & Reporting


Market Activation


Product Launches

Product Promotion

Events & Branding

Media booking 

Media Buying


Vendor Liaising

Quotation Facilitation 

Permission & Licensing 

Venue booking

Journey Plan  

Production Management



Bespoke Execution

Project management 

Due diligence and reporting. 


Anything under the sun



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Bahrain, Bahrain Bay

Strategic office for middle east with Bahrain business friendly practices and close proximity to Saudi Arabia, it is one of the most performing presence.

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India, New Delhi

World’s most demanded location for technical and intellectual resource is the base for CN’s back office operations.

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Americas, New York

Home to our HQ in New York, the Americas boasts a unique network of world-class experts, investment firms, innovation, and technology.